What is MAP?

Minimal Asset Process | Guide

MAP stands for Minimal Asset Process and is a simplified form of bankruptcy. MAP replaced the previous LILA (Low Income, Low Assets) scheme on 1st April 2015.

If you’re a Scottish resident, you may be able to apply for MAP if you have no income to pay towards your debts after paying for essential living costs, and you own relatively few assets. It will free you of unsecured debt in a shorter time than regular bankruptcy.

Through MAP, you can:

  • Write-off unaffordable unsecured debt – payments on your unsecured debts will be suspended for the period the MAP runs for, and they’ll be written off at the end, as long as you are still eligible for MAP at that time, and you have co-operated with your Trustee.
  • Stop letters and calls from lenders – bankruptcy gives you legal protection from your lenders.
  • Be discharged from bankruptcy after six months – although you’ll still be subjected to some restrictions for the following six months, and your credit rating will be affected in the short to medium term, and possibly in the long term too.

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