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We know it's hard to know where to start with debt – or which Scottish debt solution you should choose. We listen, we never judge and we offer specialist, expert debt advice for Scottish residents.


We offer you expert advice and help to find the solution which best suits your situation – we have over 20 years’ experience of helping people in debt.


We'll make sure your repayments are realistic and will get you out of debt in the shortest possible time.


We'll support you every step of the way; we'll even deal with all the letters, emails and phone calls from your lenders.

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Talk to a debt expert to find out what your options are.

We'll explain your options and recommend a solution that’s right for you. Fees may be payable if we provide continuing services. If you repay any debt over a longer period of time this may increase the total amount to be repaid and your credit rating may be affected. Lenders are not obliged to accept less than contractual payments or freeze interest and charges. You can read more about “Fees and Key Information” here.

Debt help and advice in Scotland

There are many different types of debt help and every situation will require a different solution. The right answer for you will depend on many different factors, it may even depend on where you live.

Download Scotland's Insolvency Service guide to dealing with lenders.

To find other sources of free advice visit Money Helper. It’s here to listen and give free, impartial, trusted guidance. Based around you and backed by government.

You can see a range of options available below.

Debt Management Plan

Debt Management Plan

A repayment plan which could help reduce your monthly payments.

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Debt Arragement Scheme

Debt Arrangement Scheme

Repay your debts at a rate you can afford with this Scottish Government product for Scottish residents.

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Debt Consolidation

Debt Consolidation

A way to get your debt under control that combines multiple existing debts into one – that could help you reduce your monthly repayments.

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Trust Deed

Trust Deed

A legal agreement to pay an affordable amount to your lenders, usually for four years, before the rest of your debt is written off.

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This helps people in Scotland with completely unaffordable debts by writing them off after 6 months.

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Scottish bankruptcy is a formal legal arrangement with some serious possible consequences. You repay what you can for four years and your remaining debt is written off.

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Do you live elsewhere in the UK?

If you live in England, Northern Ireland or Wales, there are a range of different solutions available.

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We understand you’re worried

We know debt isn't just a finance issue. It feeds into all elements of your life. When you are worried about your debt and it starts to get you down or is making your life difficult - it's time to get help.

We’re here to help

Our expert debt advisors have helped thousands of people in a similar situation to you. We'll listen and do not judge - we're here to help you.

Based on reviews - customers who left an Debt Advisory Centre review recommend us with an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 561 reviews left by Debt Advisory Centre customers (as of April, 2019)