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Posted 09 June 2016

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Our top five tips to have a great day out in Belfast on a budget.

Fancy a day trip out with the family? There are so many beautiful and interesting places you can explore in this country, and who doesn’t enjoy a change of scene and society for the whole family?

Now if you’re on a tight budget you might be thinking that you’re not going to be able to do this sort of thing – but hold on – that probably isn’t the case. 

Here are five tips for days out in Belfast that will break the monotony – not your budget. 

1. Belfast Mystery Trail

Do you have any budding detectives in your family? If so why not explore Belfast as you solve a murder mystery?

The cleverly crafted clues in the Belfast Mystery Trail will take you to many of the historic and modern points of interest in the city as you solve the puzzle. 

The other great thing about the trail is that you can solve the mystery at your own pace, rather than being part of a bigger group. So if you want to take a break for lunch, or the little ones need the bathroom, it’s no problem. 

The pack only costs £6.99, and when you consider it’s enough to keep you occupied for a good part of the day, that’s great value for money. You can either download the pack or have it sent to you through the post.


2. Ulster Folk and Transport Museum

Admission to the Ulster museum is completely free and there are so many things to learn and enjoy here from both the past and the present. 

Whether you’re into natural history, or art is more your thing, there are exhibitions to please everyone. 

When you walk into the welcome area, don’t forget to pick up a kids’ explorer map. The map creates a really fun experience for children as they search for real life treasure or find out how big a dinosaur really was. 


3. Botanic Gardens 

Green, natural spaces are always a good idea when you want to chill out, relax and get away from it all. 

The Botanic gardens are completely free to visit and would make a really great spot for a bit of lunch halfway through your day in Belfast.

While you’re there, make sure you visit the Palm House, which is full of tropical plants and birds of paradise. There’s also a good old fashioned play area where the children can let off a little steam. 


4. Belfast Castle Estate

Did you know there are all sorts of events taking place on the beautiful castle grounds, some of which are completely free. Why not take in a bit of music with the George Dummigan Accordion Orchestra on the 26th June for no cost at all?

Don’t forget that the Cave Hill Visitor Centre, which is in the basement of the Castle, contains many historical and archaeological features and is completely free to visit. 


5. St George’s Market

St George’s market was built in the 1890s and after so many years of amazing, food, antiques and crafts, it has become one of Belfast’s main attractions. 

Make sure you pick the right day to visit based on your preference. For example, the Saturday market is a mixture of city food and crafts. You can try a little of what takes your fancy which won’t cost a great deal, or just take in the sights, smells and some live flamenco and jazz music. 


If you’re planning to visit Belfast we hope you have an amazing time. Hopefully we’ve convinced you that you don’t need to spend a lot to experience a lot. Make sure you check in regularly with our blog, as we’ve loads more money saving tips on all areas of life. 


by Christine Walsh

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