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Posted 23 June 2015

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How to get all the beauty benefits you’re used to for less, and make the money you spend on cosmetics go further.

We love a good money saving life-hack. There are so many little tricks and tips out there that can make life more convenient and cost effective. Now, according to the Daily Mail the average woman will spend £18,000 on her face in a lifetime, so it looks like we could all use a good money-saving beauty hack! Have a look at our top tips and we’re sure you’ll find that you can look sensational for less.

1. Get the beauty products you love for a discount

When shops display products, like lipstick and perfume, they need to have a tester on hand so that people can try before they buy. Sometimes the manufacturers end up with leftovers of these testers, there’s nothing wrong with them, they haven’t been used and they can still sell them. The product itself is exactly the same as the ones being sold in the shops, but they’ll be cheaper because there’s no packaging, it’s been damaged or it’s marked as a tester. If none of this bothers you, you could be in for a real bargain. Sign up with a company like Direct Cosmetics to see whether you could find the beauty products you love for less. to see whether you could find the beauty products you love for less.

2. Be a tester

What if we told you that you could get make up sent to your door for free and all you had to do was be honest about whether it was good or not. Well, you can if you become a tester. It’s a simple process of applying to take part, receiving the items and then providing helpful, honest feedback. Sign up to a testing site like Product

3. Shop Smarter

Sometimes it’s not about what you buy, but where you buy. Try TK Maxx for great deals on designer make-up and hair accessories. Bodycare is also a good shout for your essential beauty products like face wipes, cotton wool and cleanser. Have a look at these best beauty buys from Lidl and don’t forget the Lacura anti-aging line available from Aldi from just £3.99, which has got great reviews. Just by switching where you buy you could end up with exactly the same product, or a product that is just as good, and more money in your pocket.

4. Start a coco-life

Be like a celeb and switch to coconut oil. The uses for coconut oil just keep coming! It can be used as a moisturiser, hair conditioner and lip balm and we recommend you buy raw organic coconut oil. It deeply moisturisers the skin, has anti-aging properties and protects it from the environment. So, we were thinking, instead of buying a lip balm at around £2, an expensive moisturiser (anything from £40 to £400!), and anti-frizz products and expensive teeth whitening products – phew! – why don’t you try coconut oil at about £6 a jar? See whether you can replace one or more of your expensive cosmetic items with this natural wonder product.

5. Get your hair cut for free

If you’re wanting a dramatic change, look for academies and training centres like the L’Oréal Academy in Manchester, where you’re able to sign up as a model and have your hair cut for free by the top stylists or at least highly trained stylists. If you went to a salon a colour and cut may cost you over £100, this way you’d get the same standard of hairdressing for as little as £10 or perhaps completely free.

If you don’t have an academy near you and you’re just after a simple trim, don’t be afraid of having a go yourself and save the time and money you’d spend going to the hairdressers. Have a look here to find out how to do this and cut out the middle man!


Let us know if any of these work for you, or if you have any favourite beauty hacks of your own on Facebook or Twitter.

by Christine Walsh

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