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How to curb your spending before Christmas

Posted 09 November 2016

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Here are some ideas to get your Christmas savings off to a great start.


November is well and truly underway and that means that people’s minds are turning, inevitably, to Christmas. If you’re low on funds this year, the idea of Christmas can be a little panic-inducing. But we’re here to tell you there’s no need to worry. There are probably loads of ways to save in the run up to Christmas that you haven’t thought of.

Feast your eyes on these tips and see whether any of them can help you in the run up to Christmas.

1. Set yourself a challenge

Do you think you could live on £20 a week? What about £15? Sometimes all we need is a little challenge to spur us on to greater saving success. Why not set yourself a spending limit and see whether you can stay below it for a week. Don’t worry about things like your rent, petrol or things for your kids – these are almost impossible to control. We’re just talking about the extra things that you buy throughout the week that you might be able to cut down on.

You never know, you might find that you’re a lot better at finding ways to save than you thought. Why not have a look at how you might be able to feed your family for £20 a week? Remember, to put the money you save towards your Christmas funds.

2. Use More Apps

You probably have lots of apps on your phone, but how many of those apps really help you in your day-to-day life? Savings apps are an absolutely great source of support if you’re trying to save and there are so many out there now that can help you budget for Christmas.

From food shopping to petrol prices, to comparing the price of a product from different retailers.

You never know, by downloading lots of helpful and free money saving apps to your phone, Christmas could become a whole lot easier and your phone might end up paying for itself!

3.Take what you intend to spend

Have you ever experienced being in a shop and feeling pressure to buy more and more, or the most expensive version of something? Or been tempted by ‘deals’ for things that you never intended to buy in the first place?

When you go out shopping, try just taking the amount you intend to spend – and leaving your card at home. This idea may seem a little scary, but it really works to eliminate the possibility you’ll overspend when you’re in the shops. Work out what you’re willing to spend and how much the items are that you’re going to buy and only allow yourself access to this amount.

4. Make a few small sacrifices

Are there any expenses in your life at the moment that you think you could live without? Is that morning coffee at work absolutely necessary, or could you bring your own from home? Do you need to buy that fashion magazine, or is there a fashion site you could browse for free on the internet instead? If you got the bus somewhere instead of a taxi, how much would you save? You might just be surprised how much you can put away by saving little and often.

Try going through what you spend your money on week-to-week and work out what you’d be willing to sacrifice, so that Christmas isn’t so financially stressful. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re never going to have those things again – this is just a temporary measure to free up some more cash.


We've loads more tips on saving on all areas of life, so be sure to explore the rest of the blog.

by Christine Walsh

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