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Days out for free in Edinburgh!

Posted 10 August 2015

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The best free days out in Edinburgh to keep you and the kids entertained all day long.

We just love giving you all the insider information on how you can get out and enjoy the British Isles for free. To continue the series, this week we’re visiting the beautiful Scottish capital Edinburgh. Did you know that according to The Telegraph Edinburgh is the second most visited city for tourists coming to Britain, just behind London?

People come from all over the world to experience this city, so we’re lucky to have it on our door step. Let’s have a look at the top five ways you can experience what Edinburgh has to offer for free..

1.       National Museum of Scotland. As it’s a museum, admission is free and there’s just so much to do and see! The museum has a diverse range of collections providing you and the kids the chance to experience the wonders of nature and different cultures from around the world. To celebrate the Fringe festival, the museum is treating visitors to free music performances (8th August to the 30th August.) Check out who’s performing here.

If you’ve got children with you they’ll love the chance to play and learn as they dress up as a Roman or an Egyptian. If you’re a group of adults the themed guided tour might be more your thing. Whether you want to learn about the ancient tribes of Scotland or amazing animals, you’re bound to find something you’re interested in. Find out more here.


2.       Museum on the Mound. This is a fairly new museum, having opened in 2006, but it’s already established itself as one of the most interesting attractions in the city. This museum focusses on money and the development of the city of Edinburgh. Here you’ll be able to see how currency has evolved over the last four thousand years – we didn’t always use bank notes you know! You’ll also be able to see some great special exhibitions that run over the summer months. Past exhibitions have given visitors the chance to try to crack a safe, or strike their own ancient Scottish coin. Paying this museum a visit is a great way to learn all about money, whilst saving some yourself!

 3. Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival. You can’t talk about Edinburgh attractions without mentioning the Fringe Festival, after all it is the world’s largest arts festival. But did you know that there is a huge programme of free events going on? There’s such an exciting array of shows to choose from: comedy, theatre, cabaret, music and children’s show. The shows are free entry, but you can choose to make a donation at the end if you really enjoyed yourself. Do have a look at the website to find out what’s on and how you and the family can enjoy the amazing atmosphere of the Fringe for a fraction of the cost.

 4. Sandeman’s free tour. Exploring the city? Check. Exercise? Check. Fascinating history? Check. This walking tour offers so much for no cost at all. You’ll be guided round the city and shown places of interest and historical significance – and there are so many in Edinburgh! See where the first sheep was cloned as well as where J.K. Rowling first dreamt up the magical world of Harry Potter. Delve into the darker side of Edinburgh’s history and see the locations of executions, and where body-snatchers and witch-hunters did their dastardly work. One word of warning: as some of the content is a little scary and the tour lasts for three hours, this one is probably more suited for older children and adults.

 5. Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. If a beautiful, relaxing, green space is more your thing, then visit the famous Botanical Gardens. Check the weather forecast, take a picnic and relax in this beautiful natural setting with plenty of room for the children to run about. There are three separate gardens that make up this attraction and altogether they can claim to be the world’s largest living collection of plants. Every botanist’s dream! Have a look here to find out what exhibitions and events they have planned this summer.


There you go! Five ideas that prove you don’t have to spend loads of cash to enjoy this beautiful and historic city. 

by Christine Walsh

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