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Christmas Opening hours

Posted 24 December 2015

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Want to know when we’re open over Christmas? Find out here.

Christmas is nearly here, only one more sleep to go! So, we’d like to say a very Merry Christmas from all at Debt Advisory Centre. And don’t think you’re being abandoned over the festive period – you’re not!

If you need us, here are our Christmas and New Year opening times:

Monday 21st December 2015                                         9am – 5.30pm

Tuesday 22nd December 2015                                       9am – 5.30pm

Wednesday 23rd December 2015                                   9am – 5.30pm

Thursday 24th December 2015                                      9am – 2pm

Friday 25th December 2015                                           Closed

Saturday 26th December 2015                                       Closed

Sunday 27th December 2015                                         Closed

Monday 28th December 2015                                        Closed

Tuesday 29th December 2015                                       Closed

Wednesday 30th December 2015                                   9am – 5.30pm

Thursday 31st December 2015                                      9am – 2pm

Friday 1st January 2016                                                Closed

Saturday 2nd January 2016                                           Closed

Sunday 3rd January 2016                                              Closed

Monday 4th January 2016                                              9am to 9pm 

From the 4th January onwards we will resume normal opening hours of 9am to 9pm.

If you have any queries in the times when we are closed, you can always send us an email to [email protected]. We will answer them as soon as we’re back in.

We’re still publishing blogs!

Our blogs won’t stop over the Christmas period though, we’ll still be publishing them on a daily basis, apart from Christmas day and New Years’ day – we didn’t think a blog on problem debt would be able to compete with turkey, crackers and the afternoon film! But on the other days, it’ll be business as usual, so if you need a fix for problem debt help, do stop by.  


And remember, if you need to speak to one of our trained debt advisors just choose one of the ‘contact us’ buttons from the left of the page to get started.  

by Christine Walsh

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