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5 Ways to save this party season

Posted 24 October 2016

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Five ways to save this party season.

The party season is fast approaching! You might already got certain dates saved in your diary for the office Christmas party perhaps, or a friend’s house party. Or maybe you’ve got a Halloween outing coming up. This time of year can be really exciting and packed full of fun if you want it to be, but it does come with added cost.

All these outings can end up putting quite a dent in your bank balance and this isn’t helpful, especially if you’re saving up for Christmas presents as well. Here are some tips to bear in mind so the party season doesn’t cause you too much financial worry, whether you’re the host or the guest.

1.       Get the outfit for less

A significant cost of the party season is getting your outfit sorted, especially if you’ve got a few parties to attend and you don’t want to wear the same thing again and again. If you buy in season and new off the rail, then you’re going to pay the highest prices. Try looking at free clothes swapping events and see whether you can’t pick yourself up a bargain. Even if you buy new, you still might be able to get a great price if you shop online.

If neither of those things work you can always ask a friend to borrow an outfit just for the night.


2.       Throw a joint party

If you’re the one actually throwing the party, it’s bound to end up being more expensive compared to just being a guest. Decorations, food and drink will probably end up being the most expensive things about the event. But if you can split the cost with someone else, then it’ll definitely be a lot more affordable.

See whether you can share your party along with the cost with a neighbour, family member or friend. You could agree to host the party at your house, but they would pay half towards the cost of everything. Then you’d both be able to invite who you like and have a joint party. Your party will be cheaper and might even have a better atmosphere as your guests will be able to mingle both with people they know and don’t know.


3.       Get everyone to bring something along

Being the host can be great fun, but it shouldn’t be left to you to foot the bill for everything. Why not get everyone to bring either a snack or a drink with them and turn it into a little pot-luck gathering? People will probably end up bringing something that they like, which means you don’t have to worry about pleasing people with different tastes and it will definitely save you money.


4.       Organise a car or taxi pool

A big cost associated with the party season is transport. Taxis here, there and everywhere will quickly add up and they’re likely to be even be more expensive than usual because of the time of year. Before you accept an invitation, why not check who else will be going and see whether you can get a taxi share or car share going? There might be someone who lives close by who’s willing to be the designated driver. And if you still have to get a taxi, you’ll feel much better about it if you can split it two or even three ways. If you don’t know anyone at the party who will be going back in your direction, ask the host whether they do.


5.       Don’t say ‘yes’ to everything

Make sure that you don’t say yes to too many parties over the festive season. It can be tempting to want to join in with everything you’re invited to, but picking and choosing will make you less stressed and save you money. Perhaps have a think ahead of time about the invitations that you’re willing to accept and the parties that really mean a lot to you because of the people that will be there. Don’t feel guilty if there are some invitations that you have to pass up on.



We hope you have tons of fun over the festive season, whether you’re planning to host your own party or attend someone else’s. We’ve lots more ideas about how to keep costs low this winter, just have a look at our previous blog on things to do before you switch the heating on and how to save on Halloween. If you're struggling with money because you're not able to keep up with your debts, take our money smart report below. It'll give you an overview of your finances and some information about options you can consider. 


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by Christine Walsh

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