Will a DRO affect my job?

Debt Relief Order | Guide

A DRO can affect certain jobs, such as finance, security and certain public services areas, such as the army or police or membership of some professional or licensing bodies.

It can also affect you if you’re the director of a company. If you carry on a business under a different name (one that is not the same as the one you were granted a DRO under), you will have to make it clear to everyone you're doing business with – and inform them of the name you were granted your DRO under.

You also can't be involved with the 'promotion, management or formation' of any limited company – or act as a company director – without getting permission from the court first, other jobs should be safe. Once your DRO has come to an end, there will be no restrictions on your employment.

We would always recommend that you are honest with your employer or check your terms of employment if you are in any doubt.

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