How can a Debt Relief Order help if I've received a CCJ?

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A DRO could still help if you’ve received a CCJ.

If you're falling behind with some of your bills, you might end up receiving a County Court Judgment (CCJ). This is something that lenders may issue to people who have failed to pay money that they owe. So, if you've received one it means your lender has applied to the County Court for help reclaiming the money you owe them.

Continually missing a utility bill or another similar bill could lead to you getting a CCJ. If you find yourself missing essential bills, drawing up a budget to make a few cuts or prioritising your outgoings can really help to make sure they're covered. But if paying off your lenders is causing you to miss essential bill payments, a DRO, or other debt solution, may be able to help you.

CCJs can often be avoided by keeping your lender informed. That way, they understand that you are willing to pay, but that you are struggling with your finances. If they don’t know why you are missing payments, they will assume you just don’t want to pay.

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