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Debt Consolidation

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If you are finding your debts a problem, you could get them under control without the need of a loan.

More manageable

You can repay your debts at a reduced rate, over a longer period, making them more manageable.

It may cost more over time

It may cost you more in the long run, as you'll be repaying your debt more slowly.

Struggling with payments

Most lenders will consider an offer if you are genuinely struggling but they are not legally obliged to accept less than the contractual repayments.

Let us deal with your lenders

You would be making one monthly payment to us, we will deal with your lenders on your behalf.

Answer a few questions online, find out if Debt Consolidation is right for you

Quickly find out if Debt Consolidation is right for you

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We’ll explain your options and recommend a solution that’s right for you. Fees may be payable if we provide continuing services. Our fees are explained here.

To find other sources of free advice visit Money Helper. It’s here to listen and give free, impartial, trusted guidance. Based around you and backed by government.

Repay debts at a reduced rate, over a longer period, making them more manageable

Debt consolidation explained

Different ways of consolidating your debts

Some methods are designed to help with unmanageable debts, such as a Debt Management Plan or IVA, whilst others can help people who are managing, but could benefit from simplifying their repayments, such as a debt consolidation loan.

Repay debts at a reduced rate over a longer term

It allows you to combine multiple existing debts into one manageable monthly payment (instead of lots of smaller bills) and reduces the amount you pay each month. It's likely you'll be repaying over a longer period.

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Answer a few questions online, find out if Debt Consolidation will work for you

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