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Will a DRO affect my job?

Posted 21 February 2013

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Your job shouldn't be affected by a DRO unless you are director or manager of a company. However, it will have a few other effects on your life.

A Debt Relief Order, or DRO, is designed to help you get out of trouble with unmanageable debts.


It's an alternative to bankruptcy for people on a very low income. You can find out how a DRO works here.

Your Debt Relief Order should not affect your job prospects unless you are the director of a company. Like bankruptcy, a DRO will prevent you from being a company director, and you won't be able to manage a company either unless you inform people who you do business with.

Other jobs should be safe. And once your DRO has come to an end (usually after one year), there will be no restrictions on your employment.

If you're thinking about applying for a DRO, we can help.




What other effects will a DRO have on my life?

There is a £90 application fee payable on a Debt Relief Order, which can be paid in instalments if you think you'll struggle to pay it up front.

Once agreed, all payments on your unsecured debts (things like credit cards and personal loans) will be stopped. You will only start paying them again if your situation improves. If you still can't afford your payments after 12 months, the debts will be written off.

During a DRO, your lenders will be legally prevented from taking any further action to recover your debts.

But remember: a DRO will have a big impact on your credit rating for six years. You will struggle to get further credit during that time.

Find out how to apply for a DRO here.

by Kyri Levendi

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