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Why you’re not alone with debt

Posted 08 February 2017 by Christine Walsh

We know that dealing with debt can feel isolating – but it doesn’t have to be. Find out here how sharing the problem can help.


Is debt affecting your ability to look after yourself?

Posted 12 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

It’s important to remember to look after yourself while you deal with your debts.

Millions worried about the cost of heating this winter

Posted 22 October 2016 by Christine Walsh

Millions of people worried about the cost of heating their home this winter.

Is debt affecting your ability to concentrate at work?

Posted 16 September 2016 by Christine Walsh

If you’re unable to concentrate at work because of debt worries, make sure you get the help you need.

Have you lost a loved one who was in debt?

Posted 17 August 2016 by Christine Walsh

Here’s what to do if you’ve recently lost someone who had debt problems.

The impact of financial pressures on relationships

Posted 26 May 2016 by Christine Walsh

Is your relationship feeling the financial strain?

The danger on your doorstep

Posted 21 May 2016 by Kyri Levendi

Junk mail from lenders can be annoying, but if the letter is from a lender you’ve borrowed from, you must never ignore it.

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