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Why you’re not alone with debt

Posted 08 February 2017 by Christine Walsh

We know that dealing with debt can feel isolating – but it doesn’t have to be. Find out here how sharing the problem can help.


How will an IVA affect me in the future?

Posted 07 October 2016 by Emily Bancroft

Considering an IVA? Make sure you know how it all works.

Does an IVA affect your credit rating?

Posted 06 October 2016 by Emily Bancroft

Find out what effect an IVA will have on your ability to borrow.

Millennials relying on credit cards to pay essential bills

Posted 05 October 2016 by Christine Walsh

Under 25s rely on credit cards for essential bills and socialising.

Who is responsible for debt after divorce?

Posted 03 October 2016 by Emily Bancroft

Find out whether you or your ex-partner will need to pay off joint debts.

Are you still financially linked to your ex?

Posted 01 October 2016 by Christine Walsh

Millions of people are financially linked to their ex. Find out what this means, and what to do if you’re in this situation.

Why has my creditor asked for further information?

Posted 28 September 2016 by Christine Walsh

Find out why a creditor may ask for more information.

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