News and tips on tackling debt, living on a debt plan and other debt matters

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Are you struggling to save?

Posted 23 February 2017 by Christine Walsh

It’s getting harder for low-income families to save and own their own homes.


Minimal Asset Process

Posted 19 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

The Minimal Asset Process exists to help those struggling the most with their debts in Scotland.

The CCJ Process

Posted 16 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

Our no-nonsense blog will explain how the CCJ process works.

Debt Advisory Centre: What we do

Posted 15 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

Learn how we work at Debt Advisory Centre.

Is debt affecting your ability to look after yourself?

Posted 12 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

It’s important to remember to look after yourself while you deal with your debts.

Debt help in Scotland: Debt Arrangement Schemes

Posted 09 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

Here’s how a Debt Arrangement Scheme can help you if you’re struggling with your debt repayments.

Debt help in Scotland: Trust Deeds

Posted 08 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

A Trust Deed is one way for Scottish residents to deal with problem debt. Learn more here.

To find out more about managing your money and getting free debt advice, visit Money Advice Service, an independent service set up to help people manage their money.