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Summer picnic challenge!

Posted 07 July 2015

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Can you create a picnic for four for under £10? Let’s find out.

Summer – it’s all about lazy afternoons in the park with a picnic lunch. But you don’t want your picnic to end up costing you more than the necessary. So, we challenged ourselves to create a picnic for four and do it all for under a tenner. So, did we manage it? 

First off, we’ve not chosen the cheapest versions of everything. Whilst these can be good for items like rice or potatoes where it doesn’t really matter, when you’re treating your family to a picnic you want to really enjoy it. So, we’ve hit the mid-priced range to make sure you love it! 

What was on our list? Well, we chose a fairly traditional collection of goodies, including all those classic picnic favourites, and we’ve based it on what we think will be enough for four people, without going too overboard. After all, you’ll need to save room for the Mr Whippy 99 afterwards!

We bought:

the stuff for ham and cheese sandwiches – everyone likes these, don’t they. Well, if they don’t they should get themselves off to the doc’s for a check-up.  And for the veggies, just leave out the ham.

butter – you definitely need butter for your sandwiches, they’re just not the same without out it. 

crisps – can’t have butties without crisps, that’d be like having tea and no biscuits!

scotch eggs – don’t know about you, but we love scotch eggs. Cut them in half so everyone can have a piece.

pork pie – another picnic classic and a Dad favourite! 

tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber – can’t have salad without these for your sarnies or as a side dish.

sausage rolls – no picnic would be complete without sausage rolls on offer, get ‘em down ya!

salad cream – now, if you don’t like salad cream on pretty much everything in this list, including the crisps, you’re just not normal.

cloudy lemonade – ahh memories of childhood come flooding back – sharp and delicious and just the job for washing down that lovely grub.

So did we manage it?

Of course we did! We got all these classics with enough salad cream left over for lots more, all for just £9.64, that’s just £2.41 each. And, we’re sure you can have a right good guess at who we purchased this fine fayre from. Yes, it’s one of our favourite stores – Aldi. The list of what we bought is below, so you can get it yourself. We’d liked to have checked out Lidl’s prices too, but they’re not currently on My So, if you can get this lot cheaper in Lidl, do let us know. 


At the other end of the scale, there’s Ocado, which is almost double the price of the Aldi shop, coming in at an eye-watering £17.17 – that’s £4.29 each. That’s a big price difference, imagine how many ice creams you could buy with that.  If you want to look at what we bought, you can see the price lists for yourself below. 

Here's what we bought - enjoy!

shopping list
13 items: £9.64  
Dairy & EggsGuide price in £
1x Greenvale British Butter - Salted (250g) 85p  
1x The Cheese Emporium Wensleydale (250g) £1.39  
1x Vive Premium Lemonade (2L) 39p  
Fruit & Vegetables
1x The Salad Box Cucumber 39p was 69p
1x The Salad Box British Romaine Lettuce Hearts (2) 59p was £1.09
1x The Salad Box Tomatoes (6) 59p was 65p
Snacks & Sweets
1x Snackrite Crisps - Ready Salted (6x25g) 75p was 79p
Tins, Jars & Cooking
1x Bramwells Salad Cream (520g) 79p was 89p
Ready Meals
1x Crestwood Scotch Eggs (2 per pack - 227g) 62p  
1x Crestwood Crispy Bake Pork Pies (4 per pack - 260g) 95p  
1x Crestwood Snack Sausage Rolls (10 per pack - 300g) 85p  
1x Village Bakery Medium White Bread (800g) 49p was 55p
Meat, Fish & Poultry
1x Alpenmark Bavarian Ham Slices (6 per pack - 120g) 99p  

Prices and special offers reflect those of the online grocery websites, and are correct as of 7 July 2015.
Prices may vary in different in-store locations.


by Shelley Bowers

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