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Savvy travel – three ways to increase your holiday spending money!

Posted 23 June 2015

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Why waste valuable holiday spending money on travel? Use our tips to travel for less.

It’s nearly time for the annual summer hols, so let’s put those tips and tricks for hunting down the best bargains to the test. Yes, you can pay over £100 to travel to London on the train, but wouldn’t you rather go on the bus for a cheaper price and put what you’re saving on travel towards something else, like a delicious dinner for two at a swish restaurant?

We know what we’d rather do, so here are three ways to find the cheapest ways to get from A to B.

Way 1   Splitting tickets – this is a sneaky little trick that really can save you money on your train travel. It seems that the automated machines and online places that sell tickets don’t actually give you the cheapest option for your fare.

It can work out cheaper to get two singles instead of a return, or to take a ticket to a different station, on the same route, then a second ticket from that station to your desired destination – this is called ticket splitting.

For example, if you want to travel from Manchester to London, you may find that a ticket from Manchester to Birmingham and then from Birmingham to London is much cheaper than a ticket direct to London. And you may not even have to change trains. To see if ticket splitting can help you, use this handy gadget!      

Way 2   Hitching a ride – you may think this is really dangerous, and if we were referring to the hitching the olde-worlde way – thumb out at the side of the road, we’d agree! But, we’ve moved on from that and now – hitch-hiking is known as car sharing and there are a number of websites where you can register your details to see if there’s anyone going your way. Not so great if you have specific dates you need to stick to and a family, but if you’re free and easy with your holiday dates and you’re travelling solo or as a couple, this could be the ideal way to get somewhere you wouldn’t normally think of going, on the cheap. Liftshare is a good place to start.       

Way 3   Bus it! – travelling on the bus is not as luxurious, or speedy, as the train. However, it is cheaper! Sometimes quite a lot cheaper. If you know when you’re traveling quite a long way in advance, get yourself on the Megabus wesbite and see if you can pick up a fare for £1! It does take about three times longer than the train, but load your smartphone or tablet up with a few films, lots of music and pack an inflatable cushion so you can snooze, stock up on snacks and drinks and you’ll be sorted. And don’t forget National Express too. If you book well in advance, you can pick up some bargain fares there too.

So, that’s three ways that you can save on your summer holiday travel. If you know of any other ways to be a savvy saver, why not let us know on our Facebook and Twitter pages. 




by Shelley Bowers

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