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Reinvent your wardrobe without spending a penny!

Posted 02 July 2015

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If you’re looking to breathe new life into your wardrobe but don’t have the funds to go all out, our guide could help.

We’ve all been there, you head over to your wardrobe ready to get yourself dressed for the day – only to feel completely uninspired by what you find. But before you run in the direction of the shops –stop – that’s not your only option! There are loads of ways that you can reinvent your look without ever having to spend a penny, so read our guide to find out more.

Work with what you’ve got!

For all you know, you could have some of the greatest fashion gems hidden away in your wardrobe. But if you never venture into it, you’ll never know. So first things first, have a good old fashioned clear out of your wardrobe. This may take some time, but if you find a couple of items that you forgot you had – it’ll all be worth it!!

When searching through your wardrobe, place your clothes into three piles:

1. Clothes that you’re going to keep

2. Clothes that can be saved, either through repair work or customising

3. Clothes that you will never wear again!

Once you’ve got your three piles sorted, place the clothes that are for keeps back into your wardrobe. Give it a quick dust beforehand and organise your clothes neatly, so that you can see exactly what you’re working with the next time you go searching for an outfit!  

Be creative

Have a look at the items that you’ve put into pile #2 and separate these into two more piles – clothes for repair and clothes to be customised. When it comes to customising there are lots of easy ways that you can reinvent your clothing. You could find old pieces of fabric and add patches to your jeans (a la this pair from H&M ) or add ribbon to an old strapless dress. Found some old trousers with a rip on the knee? Don’t worry just make a tear in the other leg and you’ll have a pair to rival these – it’s that easy!

Repair-wise you don’t have to embark on anything too challenging, just simple things like stitching up a tear in your favourite skirt, or re-dying your old, faded jeans blue again. This is dead easy to do and you can pick up fabric dye quite cheaply!

 Get swapping  

The next step, is go through pile #3 and see if there are any items that are in still good condition. If so, then why not look at organising a clothes swap with a group of your friends. This can be a great way of getting rid of clothes that you no longer want, and who knows you could nab yourself some great finds – like that certain friend’s top that you’ve been eyeing up for ages! Anything that you don’t swap with your friends, can go to your local charity shop.

Well there you have it, three simple ways that you can reinvent your look without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for more money saving tips, why not check out our blog on beauty hacks that could save you money. 

by Christine Walsh

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