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Number of homeowners getting debt help rises 52% in five years

Posted 12 August 2013

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In the last five years, the number of homeowners getting debt help has risen significantly, according to figures from Debt Advisory Centre.

Debt Advisory Centre has seen a 52% increase in the number of homeowners getting debt help since 2008.

The figure is based on the number of homeowners on its debt solutions, such as Debt Management Plans, IVAs and Trust Deeds.

Homeowners accounted for 25% of people helped by Debt Advisory Centre back in 2008, but now that figure stands at 38%.

Back when the economic crisis truly started in 2008, experts warned that too many homeowners had been lent mortgages they couldn't afford in the long term - and these figures may confirm that.

And it's thought that many more homeowners are only surviving because of low mortgage rates. When the Bank of England eventually increases the base rate from the current record-low, those homeowners could really begin to struggle.

Melanie Taylor of Debt Advisory Centre commented: "Debt problems are always worrying, but they can be all the more serious for homeowners who fear they may lose their home. However, there is nearly always a way to avoid things getting to that point if you act early.

"We offer a wide range of debt solutions for people in all kinds of circumstances, including Debt Management Plans, Individual Voluntary Arrangements (IVAs), Debt Relief Orders and exclusive Scottish solutions such as the Debt Arrangement Scheme and Trust Deeds.

"Getting help early also means interest and charges have had less time to build up, so it really is worth seeking advice as soon as you realise you have a problem."

by Emily Bancroft

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