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How will starting a debt solution impact your credit score?

Posted 05 March 2018 by Christine Walsh

Starting a debt solution might be the right way for you to take control of your debts, but the knock-on effect could be a badly damaged credit score, right? Come to think of it, if you go on a debt solution, could it stop you from ever borrowing again?


Additional Monies on an IVA

Posted 16 May 2016 by Christine Walsh

What you pay into an IVA depends on your circumstances and what you earn. Let’s have a look at additional monies on an IVA.

What happens to my debt solution if I fall pregnant?

Posted 09 May 2016 by Kyri Levendi

A new baby means a completely new list of expenses, but what happens if you’re on a debt solution? Read our guide for a better understanding.

Will an IVA affect my partner?

Posted 29 April 2016 by Christine Walsh

Starting an IVA can sometimes affect your partner. Make sure you understand the possible impact on their finances.

Are IVAs a good or a bad thing?

Posted 15 April 2016 by Christine Walsh

There are pros and cons to an IVA. To understand if this debt solution is right for you, make sure you know what they are.

The realities of living on a DRO

Posted 11 April 2016 by Christine Walsh

If you’re weighing up whether a Debt Relief Order is the right debt solution for you, read our guide to what to expect when you enter one.

Will starting a debt solution affect my children?

Posted 06 April 2016 by Christine Walsh

Considering a debt solution, but don’t know how it will affect your family? Make sure you read our blog about how debt solutions can help if you have children.

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