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How will starting a debt solution impact your credit score?

Posted 05 March 2018 by Christine Walsh

Starting a debt solution might be the right way for you to take control of your debts, but the knock-on effect could be a badly damaged credit score, right? Come to think of it, if you go on a debt solution, could it stop you from ever borrowing again?


Sequestration and your name on the Register of Insolvencies

Posted 04 August 2016 by Emily Bancroft

What does it mean if you’re on the Register? Find out here.

How to manage your budget on a Debt Management Plan

Posted 01 August 2016 by Christine Walsh

Learn how to manage your budget if you have a DMP.

What happens if I get a pay rise during my IVA?

Posted 26 July 2016 by Christine Walsh

Pay rises can sometimes affect what you need to pay into your IVA. Here are the facts.

What are the Debt Relief Order (DRO) restrictions?

Posted 17 July 2016 by Emily Bancroft

When you’re on a DRO, what rules will you need to follow?

Basic bank accounts for people with an IVA

Posted 08 July 2016 by Christine Walsh

Basic bank accounts are available for people who have had credit problems. Learn how they work and why you might need one.

What is an IVA annual review?

Posted 05 July 2016 by Emily Bancroft

Your IVA annual review will make sure your debt solution is on track but what should you expect?

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