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How will starting a debt solution impact your credit score?

Posted 05 March 2018 by Christine Walsh

Starting a debt solution might be the right way for you to take control of your debts, but the knock-on effect could be a badly damaged credit score, right? Come to think of it, if you go on a debt solution, could it stop you from ever borrowing again?


There’s still time to claim for mis-sold PPI

Posted 13 October 2015 by Christine Walsh

How to check whether you have a claim for mis-sold payment protection insurance.

Will I lose my car if I go bankrupt?

Posted 05 October 2015 by Christine Walsh

Going bankrupt can sometimes mean adjusting your lifestyle. Find out how going bankrupt could affect you if you have a car.

Can I vary payments in an IVA?

Posted 30 September 2015 by Christine Walsh

If you're on an IVA, your payments aren't set in stone - they might go up or down if your situation gets better or worse.

If you’re on a debt management plan and your income rises – what happens?

Posted 29 September 2015 by Shelley Bowers

So your income has gone up and you’re not sure what you should do about it – read our guide to find out.

Rise in Problem Debt

Posted 28 September 2015 by Christine Walsh

More and more families are dealing with problem debt in the UK. Find out why and, if you’re one of them, what you can do about it

Can an IVA affect my job?

Posted 27 September 2015 by Christine Walsh

A look into how an IVA could affect your working life and whether or not it would be the right solution for you.

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