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Make sure you understand the vital difference between arrears and default letters

Posted 13 April 2017 by Christine Walsh

Make sure you know whether you’ve got an arrears letter or a default notice.


Could you still afford your mortgage if interest rates rose?

Posted 19 December 2014 by Emily Bancroft

The Bank of England reports that most households wouldn’t struggle with an increase in interest rates, but almost 500,000 households may find it hard to meet their mortgage payments if rates do go up.

Famous people who overcame problem debts

Posted 17 September 2014 by Sarah Symons

It can sometimes feel like you’re the only one struggling with problem debt, but these famous figures had issues with it too.

What happens when bankruptcy finishes?

Posted 13 March 2013 by Sarah Symons

In most cases, you'll be discharged from bankruptcy after a year. Click here to find out what happens next.

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