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Make sure you understand the vital difference between arrears and default letters

Posted 13 April 2017 by Christine Walsh

Make sure you know whether you’ve got an arrears letter or a default notice.


Could a DMP be the right debt solution for you?

Posted 05 March 2018 by Christine Walsh

If you’ve been researching ways to deal with problem debt, you’ll no doubt have come across a solution called a Debt Management Plan (DMP). But is it right for you?

What happens at the end of an IVA?

Posted 25 October 2016 by Christine Walsh

Make sure you know what will happen at the end of your IVA.

When do you get your IVA completion certificate?

Posted 12 September 2016 by Emily Bancroft

Let’s take a look at how long it will take to get your certificate after your IVA has ended.

How to improve your credit score after a debt solution

Posted 06 September 2016 by Emily Bancroft

When your debt solution is over, how do you get your finances back on track?

What happens when I'm discharged from bankruptcy?

Posted 12 June 2016 by Emily Bancroft

When you’re a discharged bankrupt, what does this mean for you?

How a debt solution can help you and your family

Posted 18 May 2016 by Christine Walsh

Find out how a debt solution might help you and your family out of problem debt.

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