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Make sure you understand the vital difference between arrears and default letters

Posted 13 April 2017 by Christine Walsh

Make sure you know whether you’ve got an arrears letter or a default notice.


Notice of defaults: everything you need to know

Posted 07 January 2020 by Christine Walsh

Getting letters from your creditors can be one of the most stressful and confusing aspects of being in problem debt. And some letters - like a notice of default - can have serious implications.

Statute-barred debt: do you need to pay?

Posted 28 November 2019 by Christine Walsh

You may have heard that there is a certain period of time after which your lenders cannot make you repay a debt. This refers to something called ‘statute barred debt’ (also sometimes known as ‘time barred debt’ or ‘time limited debt’).

Can you inherit debt from your parents?

Posted 05 November 2019 by Christine Walsh

When a loved one dies, dealing with their debts can make a difficult time even harder.

Could a DMP be the right debt solution for you?

Posted 21 October 2019 by Christine Walsh

If you’ve been researching ways to deal with problem debt, you’ll no doubt have come across a solution called a Debt Management Plan (DMP). But is it right for you?

Is your New Year’s resolution to get debt free?

Posted 02 January 2017 by Christine Walsh

Beating problem debt is one of the best resolutions you can have. Here’s how to get started.

Minimal Asset Process

Posted 19 December 2016 by Christine Walsh

The Minimal Asset Process exists to help those struggling the most with their debts in Scotland.

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