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How to save money on maternity clothes

Posted 14 September 2016

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5 handy tips to save money on maternity clothes.

When it comes to preparing for your baby to come into the world there’s lots to do! Getting the baby’s room ready, and buying a pram, cot and high-chair can all add up. As well as being an incredibly exciting time in your life, you might be worried about the financial strain preparing for your baby’s arrival is going to have. 

Well the good news is that there are always nifty ways to save here and there that can make all the difference to how you cope financially. All it takes is a little research – and we’re here to help. Today we’re looking at 5 ideas to save on your maternity clothes. 

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1. Ask friends and family 

The thing about maternity clothes is that they don’t really get worn for a long period of time which means you can find a lot of stuff in great condition that isn’t needed anymore. If you know anyone who’s recently had a baby, ask them if they’ve still got any maternity clothes. If they have then it’s your chance to swoop! You’ll be able to get the clothes you need at a discount or perhaps completely free and you’ll be doing someone a favour by taking something unwanted off their hands. 

2. Check freecycle groups

Freecycle groups are a great way of finding pretty much anything for free. They are online groups where people give and get items completely free in their local towns. Find your nearest group and then simply search for what you’re looking for. This is another great way to potentially find something great for nothing at all!

3. Check eBay

And don’t forget to look at eBay. The giant online retailer sells everything as you probably already know and although you’re not going to get anything for free, you still stand a chance of getting something at a discount or for a very fair price. 

4. Swishing 

Why not try swishing when you’re looking for maternity wear? This is where a group of women get together and hold a clothes swapping party. You normally have to bring something yourself to the party and then you can pick up anything you want for free. Swishing is a great way to shop in a money-saving and eco-friendly way and you might just end up having a fun day out with friends at the same time. You can find the next swish coming up in your area here.

5. Make good use of what you already have

Another way to save money on clothes while you’re pregnant, is to have a good rummage through your wardrobe and see what you’ve already got. You’re likely to have some items in your wardrobe that will grow as your bump does – so we’re talking about things that are pleated, elasticated, jumpers, or perhaps a wrap dress. Dresses with drop waists are also a good idea as the waistband won’t get in the way as your bump grows. So before you go out and splash any cash, make sure you know what you’ve got already. You’ll probably be surprised at how many items can be used as maternity wear especially in the early stages of your pregnancy. 

So there you have it – 5 great ideas to minimise the cost of maternity clothes. Looking forward to the arrival of your little one is such a special time of your life and it would be a shame if it was tainted by money worries. Have a look around for some handy tips to save if you’re having a baby. Then you can focus on the most important thing – welcoming your little one into the world. 

by Christine Walsh

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