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How to save money on housekeeping

Posted 09 August 2016

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We share our ideas for saving money on your essential household buys.

There are lots of areas in our lives that can end up costing us quite a bit of money and housekeeping is no exception. When we talk about housekeeping, we’re talking about your food, toiletries and cleaning products – all the things you’d expect to spend money on to keep your cupboards well-stocked and your house in tip top condition.

You might not realise it, but these costs can mount up to a lot over time and can sometimes make sticking to your budget a little difficult. Let’s have a look at how you can save money on your household costs. 


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Change the way you shop

There are loads of ways to save money on food, toiletries and cleaning products so it’s really worth sitting down with a pen and paper and making a list of the ones you’re going to try. 

One thing you could do is change the way you shop. For instance, you can plan your weekly shopping trip for later on in the evening, or on a Sunday. During these times items are more likely to be marked down, as stores hope to make a last minute sale. This is a good way of buying exactly what you usually buy but with the increased likelihood of a bargain. 

Instead of buying branded items, why not see if you like the supermarket’s own version? You might find it’s just as good – or even better – and it’s bound to be cheaper. Another good tip is to look on the lower shelves on the aisles as shelf stackers will normally put the more expensive items at eye level. 

Change where you shop

You could choose to shop at a budget supermarket like Lidl or Aldi. You might not recognise all the brands in these types of supermarkets but very often the quality is just as good and you can make a significant saving. 

Even switching supermarket for a few products you buy regularly should mean you see a reduction in your costs - our blog, how to survive an aldi or lidl shop should help. 

If you’re going to stick with your normal supermarket because it’s closer or because you simply like their stuff, make sure you keep your eyes open for deals. If you see that a similar product to the one your normally buy is buy one get one free it might be worth switching while the offer is on. 


As well as changing a few simple things about the way you shop, you can also use technology to help you out. There are lots of apps out now that can tell you how to find a bargain on something you’re looking for. 

My Supermarket tells you where to find the best deals and compares the top 13 supermarkets out there. Apparently, people who use this app save 30% on average on their shops! 

On Vouchercloud you can find vouchers for all sorts of purchases including homeware and cleaning products and joining is free.  

Shopping online

Sometimes we get into a habit with the way we shop and forget that there might be a more convenient or cheaper way to do something. You might be in the habit of buying clothes online but what about your food shopping and toiletries? When you work out how much you spend on travel to and from the supermarket it might work out cheaper even with the delivery charge. 

You also might find that it’s easier to resist impulse buys when you’re not faced with aisles upon aisles of products. When you shop online you can search for what you want specifically and save your lists so you don’t have to search next time. This way you might end up saving money and time. 

Make your own cleaning products

Some people really enjoy getting the most out of what they buy and making their own cleaning products. 

Here are some items that you might have already bought that can double up as cleaning products:

• lemons as bleach,

• cornstarch as furniture polish,

• vinegar as an all purpose cleaner, and

• baking soda as a non-abrasive cleaner. 

Make sure you click here to find out how to safely make your own cleaning products.  

 Buy in bulk

You might find that you’re able to make a saving on your food, toiletries and cleaning products by buying in bulk. 

Again it will probably be easier to do this if you make your purchases online – in person that would be a lot of heavy carrying! If you think that this way of shopping might really suit you and your family, why not see whether you qualify for membership to Costco

If you’re going to buy in bulk make sure that you only buy what you know you’ll use – especially when it comes to food. That huge jar of mayonnaise won’t cost you any less if you don’t normally eat it and you’ll probably end up rushing to finish it all before it goes off. Products with a very long shelf life like pasta, rice and dried beans are the best things to buy in bulk. 

Also if you’re going to buy bigger packets just take some time to check how much you’re paying per unit – so per gram or per kilogram - to make sure you’re getting a better deal. 

So there you have it! Some useful ideas to help you keep your household costs down. We’re here to provide you with loads of money saving tips, so make sure to check out the rest of the blog. 


by Christine Walsh

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