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How to create a capsule wardrobe

Posted 05 August 2015

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What a capsule wardrobe is, how it could help you and how to get one.

Being happy with how you look can make a massive difference to how good you feel throughout the day so it’s an important part of life, but so is spending wisely. Nothing helps you out with both these things as much as a capsule wardrobe. Now, if you’re wondering what a capsule wardrobe is then wonder no more. Our first blog will tell you how to create a wonderful capsule wardrobe our next instalment will show you how to get one from scratch for £100.

What is it?

Susie Faux, a fashionable London boutique owner, came up with the term in the seventies and has been made even more popular by designers like Donna Karen. So even the top-end designers think it’s a good idea!

A capsule wardrobe is based around a few key pieces that you love, wear often and that never go out of fashion. These key pieces are the main ingredients of an outfit and the accessories are the seasoning that you add for a bit of flavour.

Why have one?

To simplify choosing what to wear (we’ve all been in the situation where you try on loads of clothes and still don’t feel you’ve got the right thing to wear!), to create a personal style, to de-clutter and to save money.

A capsule wardrobe will mean you love to wear all the clothes in your wardrobe, feel less pressure to shop for more and still have the options that you need.

What’s in a capsule wardrobe?

Generally speaking a capsule wardrobe should have a selection of different garments, with probably no more than three of each. So three tops, skirts, jackets, dresses and trousers that you can mix and match with.

Here’s the most important thing to consider – do you love it? A capsule wardrobe needs to be based around pieces that are timeless in terms of fashion, fit your body like a glove and that you genuinely love and would want to keep wearing.

Normally in a capsule wardrobe you would have about 20-30 (yes 20-30!) of these core, versatile pieces then you can accessorise for whatever occasion you’re dressing for.


For a capsule wardrobe to work the pieces need to be very versatile. For instance a dress that also looks good as a top with a skirt over it. You’ll also need to choose a colour palette to start with so that your core pieces are super easy to mix and match. Make sure that you pick pieces in colours that you really like and that suit your skin tone. Have a look at this video for guide on how to do this.

Purge that cluttered closet!

There will be pieces in your current wardrobe that would be perfectly in your new capsule wardrobe – you don’t have to chuck everything out.

Take everything out of your wardrobe and sort into piles:

1.       Things you love, no question.

2.       Maybes

3.       No. You can give these ones to family, friends or charity.

Have a go!

So, do you fancy having a go? We hope you do. Next time we’ll show you how to create a capsule wardrobe for £100.



by Christine Walsh

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