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Posted 01 July 2015

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Mountains of debt results in mountains of stress too. Learn how to ease the worry with walking and talking.

An article in the Daily Mail reinforces what we at Debt Advisory Centre have known for years – debt causes stress. It’s not that hard to see how this happens, and really it’d be a miracle if you were in debt and not stressed. After all, who wouldn’t be worried if they had collection letters, threatening legal action and doorstep visits, piling up on the doormat! 


However, that’s not the main aim of the article, what it’s really about is what you can do to combat the stress. And the two stress-busting tips the article gives are to share your worries and taking up a new form of exercise. This is great, because both of those things are really easy to do and, potentially, cost you nothing.


Talk it out

If you need to talk about your problems, and you’re not comfortable doing it with your family or friends, you can always call ourselves or a charity, such as National Debtline or Christians Against Poverty . We, and the charities mentioned, have trained, experienced advisors who can help you start sorting through what debt you’ve got and the solutions that may be available to you as well as offering you a friendly ear to chew on.


Sport for stress relief

So, now that’s dealt with, let’s look at the second part of the stress relief – exercise. It’s a well-known fact that any kind of exercise can relieve stress. Taking your mind off your personal issues and focussing it on something else entirely is wonderful of clearing out the negative feelings. Plus, physical activity produces endorphins – they make you feel happy.


You may also find that your sleep is disturbed if you’re stressed about money. So, as well as releasing feel-good factors, getting a little bit tired out helps you sleep better. This will also make you feel better as, everything seems better in the morning after a good night’s sleep and, your self-esteem is also likely to increase making you feel even more able to cope with whatever the day has in store.   

Now, we realise that you’re probably not going to want to sign up to your local gym and shell out £40 a month. And that’s the beauty of exercise – there are loads of ways to do it for free.

So, if you’ve got a sturdy, comfortable pair of shoes and you can get yourself out for a brisk walk – that counts as moderate exercise. As do riding a bike, gardening and doing the house work, especially if you push a vacuum about.



See, it’s really simple to get on track to feeling less stressed about your debts. If you have any other tips for stress relief, why not let us know on our twitter pages. 

by Shelley Bowers

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