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Happy New Year!

Posted 31 December 2015

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Are you worried about the cost of New Year’s Eve? There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy the festivities within budget. Have a look at our top tips to save money while you welcome the New Year in.

If you’re anything like us at Debt Advisory Centre, you won’t be able to get over how fast time seems to be flying by. Christmas has been and gone and we’re already face-to-face with the start of another year – how did that happen?

Well, we might not be able to slow time down for you, but we can tell you how to have a great time celebrating the New Year without breaking the bank. So, let’s start this year as we mean to go on. Our New Year’s Eve tips should leave you feeling confident that you can enjoy the festivities without going completely over budget.

Party in. So, the best way to save on New Year’s Eve is to go to a friends’ party, rather than out on the town. As you probably know, pretty much everything that you normally do on a night out seems to be twice the price on this special night of the year. You might still have to pay for a taxi to your mate’s house, if you’re planning to drink, but think of the money you could save on club and pub entry fees and those pricey drinks.

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Host your own party. Maybe there’s no one you know who is hosting a party this time round – but have you considered having your own? Think about it – it might be nice to see the New Year in from the comfort of your own home, with exactly who you want on the invite list and no need to pay for taxis.

If you’re thinking of having your own party, make a list of all the things you’ll need to buy to work out whether you’ll be saving money overall (although we’re pretty sure that you will!). You’ll need to put some money aside for food definitely, but how much depends completely on how you feel. You can put a buffet together if you want to feed everyone, or set the time a little later and just put a few nibbles out which will give people the time to eat before they get to you.

Or what about having a “Jacob’s join” (which is a Lancashire term for a pot luck meal, where your guests all bring a dish)? If you give people enough notice, you can get each guest to bring a dish (and a bottle or two) with them and, before you know it, you’ve got a whole table of food and plenty to drink and you’ve only had to spend time and money on a couple of things! This is a great idea as you get to eat something different from the things you usually make for parties. Guests enjoy seeing how their dish goes down with everyone else at the party too – just make sure everyone doesn’t turn up with the same thing, there’s only so much pasta you can eat! 

Book in advance. If you are planning to visit a friend in another city for the New Year, make sure you book a place to stay in advance. Hotels and B&Bs are pretty expensive over this period and very busy. Book as early as possible and make sure that you use a comparison site like Travelsupermarket or Trivago to find the cheapest deal. Airbnb is another option you should consider. There could be someone who wants to leave their town for New Year’s Eve, providing you with an opportunity to stay in the area you want for less than the average hotel price. Of course, if you can stay at your friends place for free then even better! If your friend doesn’t have a spare room, could you manage with a sleeping bag on the sofa if it’s only for the one night?

Save on your night out. If you have your heart set on going out on the town for New Year’s Eve – maybe your group is going to a party that sounds too good to miss – there are still some savvy ways to save.

Eat before you go out… or have something quick waiting for you when you get in. Picking up a take away or street food whilst you are out can really add to the cost of the evening so why not save yourself the trouble and the money by eating at home beforehand or having something quick prepared at home for when you get back.

Do a bit of research and find out whether there are any places locally that are offering free entry. This of course depends completely on where you and your friends want to end up, but if it’s the company rather than the setting you’re after, this option could save you on entry fees and taxis. Also, most city councils organise a free firework display, which is a good option, especially if you couldn’t find a baby-sitter and want to entertain the kids. Just Google the council to find our whether there’s a free one near you.

So, there you have it, there’s no reason why you can’t celebrate the New Year, even if you’re working to a budget. Whatever you do have a great time and good luck achieving your financial goals in 2016!




by Christine Walsh

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