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A fifth of Brits don’t open all of their post straightaway

Posted 27 January 2014

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One-fifth of Brits fail to open all their mail as soon as they get it … and some don’t open it at all.

One-fifth of Brits fail to open all their mail as soon as they get it … and some don’t open it at all.

Is your unopened post starting to pile up?

Do you feel a sense of dread whenever you hear the thump of the post landing on your doormat? Well, if you do, you’re certainly not alone, as the belief that their postman always delivers ‘bad news’ is putting some Brits off opening all of their letters.

Our latest research* has revealed that one-fifth of us don’t open our mail as soon as we get it. While some eventually open it a few days after it arrives, 5.1% of respondents say they don’t open every piece of post they receive.

Avoiding the postman

So why don’t people want to open their letters? It turns out many of them may be burying their heads in the sand; with just over a fifth of those who don’t always open their mail saying it’s because it ‘never contains good news’. And as the non-junk letters most commonly ignored are credit card bills and bank statements, worries about money could be at the heart of this belief.

In fact, desperately ignoring your post might be a sign that you’re starting to struggle with your finances, and just can’t take reading another letter asking you for money.

This is not an unusual feeling. Many of the people who come to us for advice on handling their debts admit that they have been ignoring the letters they receive from lenders for quite some time. Unfortunately, ignoring correspondence from your lenders won’t fix the problem … and they could just start sending you more. They may also start trying to ring you or even visit your home if they don’t think sending you mail is working.

Help is at hand

Debt is not something most of us want to think about, but if you’ve started to dread the postman’s knock, it might be time for you to take action to tackle your debts once and for all. The thing is, there are ways out of debt available to you, as long as you know exactly where your finances stand.

You might feel as though you have nowhere to turn and that it’s better simply to let the demands for payment pile up. However, tackling your debts is not something you have to go through alone, as we can help you by offering advice and suggesting possible debt solutions to suit your circumstances.

So, gather up your unopened mail, read it and then make yourself a cup of tea and give us a call. We promise we’ll do all we can to get you on the road to a debt-free life … where you’ll never have to hide from your postman again.

*OnePoll questioned a nationally representative sample of 2,000 adults aged 18 and over between 10th January and 15th January 2014.

by Kyri Levendi

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