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Posted 14 November 2019

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This is our quick guide to debt forums in the UK

There are many debt forums available in the UK for people seeking help with their finances. You might have already started a debt solution, or it might be something you’re considering. If this is the case, then debt forums can be a great place to find information.

We’ve created this guide to help you navigate the debt forum world. While they are a great place to chat to people in a similar position to you, it’s worth remembering that the ‘advice’ you get from forum users might not always be right for you - or even correct! Our guide will help you to find out where to look and what to look for.

What is a debt forum

A debt forum is what the members make of it. You’ll be able to post your own questions as well as read the questions and answers of others. More than this, debt forums are a great way to feel like part of a community with one common goal - to get debt free.

There are usually experts on hand to answer your questions and others who have experienced whatever query you might now be going through yourself.


The best debt forums

There are quite a few debt forums out there. Through Google, we’d recommend searching for debt forums UK. Reddit has quite a lot of information but it is mostly geared around debt help in America.

The three stand out forums in the UK are:

Money Saving Expert

Debt forum

How to use debt forums

We suggest you treat the information you find on debt forums with caution. Whilst you’ll find a caring, supportive community; you shouldn’t make any debt decision based on what you read on the forums.


Looking around, for example, it didn’t take long to find some incorrect advice, or like in the example above, answers that don’t address the question.

We also found lots of great information, the problem is how do you know if what you’re reading is good advice or bad advice? Some threads might talk about someone who used an IVA to get debt free, and how great it was. But that doesn’t mean that IVA would be a good way for you to manage your debts - it all depends on your personal circumstances.

Where to seek ‘proper’ debt advice

If you are looking for ‘proper’ debt advice the place to start is a regulated debt advice provider - like us. They’ll take the time to really understand your personal and financial circumstances before they make a recommendation. If they do recommend a debt solution for you then they’ll let you know both the pros and the cons so you can make an informed decision. A good place to start is to have a look at the debt solutions page on our website.


by Christine Walsh

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