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Days out for free in Newcastle!

Posted 02 September 2015

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The best free and fun days out in Newcastle to keep you and the kids entertained all day long.

Here it is! The next instalment in our days out for free series. This week we’re turning our attention to the heart of the North East – Newcastle. The city has certainly changed a lot since it was given its name by William the Conqueror’s son in 1080. It’s is now a hub of activity with lots to offer and enjoy. Have a look at our top picks for family days out that don’t break the bank in Newcastle.

1.       Discovery Museum. As soon as you walk in to this museum you will see The Turbinia – the first ever ship to be powered by steam, created by Newcastle’s own Joseph Swan. The museum has one of the best industrial and scientific collections outside of London and is well worth a gander. If you’ve got little ones with you, you’ll know how excited they can get when things are interactive, luckily the Discovery Museum has loads of activities to engage and educate the littles ones. What about the “Spineless” exhibition where they’ll get the chance to learn all about creepy crawlies and go on a mini beast hunt. Or go and spend a day with the Park Rangers (20th September) and see what lives in the pond! There’s definitely something for everyone here.

2.       Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. This very cool centre really has tried to cater for the whole family and is completely free. There are obviously lots of art exhibitions to take in, but there’s also the Quay area, where you can relax with a book and a coffee while the kids play and get creative. Why not take the kids down to one of the drop-in activity days? Every Saturday and Sunday from 2 till 4 kids are invited in to cut, draw, stick and colour to their heart’s delight, inspired by the exhibitions around them. Don’t forget the Get Creative Family Arts Festival that runs from the 9 October – 1 November this year, check out this link for more info.

3.       Saltwell Park. This lovely park is a must visit, especially if you and the family need some down time. Check the forecast, pack a picnic and a frisbee and disappear for a while in this relaxing and beautiful green space. There’s a play area and pets corner that’ll keep everyone quiet for a while. There's no better way is there to de-stress than to escape to a natural space and have a good run around with the family.

4.       Bill Quay Community farm. Why not take the kids to this farm to see the animals that they’ve only learnt about in playschool? They’ll absolutely love seeing them in real life! All the animals here are rare and indigenous and they’ll learn all about how the farm works and cares for them. The farm also hosts seasonal events and learning opportunities, so don’t forget to check the website and see what’s on. If you visit, you’ll be in for a relaxing day out in a treasured, and green, Newcastle space. Entry is free, but donations are welcome to help with the upkeep of the farm, with £2 being the norm.

5.       Stephenson Railway Museum. Kids love trains and here they’ll be able to see the old steam trains from Stephenson’s day in all their glory – there’s just something exciting about an old steam train, isn’t there? Coal and electricity dramatically changed people’s lives when they were introduced into normal life and you’ll get to learn about the history of this power revolution. If you want to ride on a steam train then it’s completely free for children and it’s only £3 for adults!



There you have it. Another exciting list of free and fun days out for the family in another major British city. We don’t know about you, but we’re seriously impressed with what this country can offer for next to nothing so far. Have fun on your day out! 

by Christine Walsh

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