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Council tax arrears and credit card debts are most common debt issues

Posted 24 December 2014

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If you have council tax arrears and/or are struggling to clear your credit card balance then you are not alone, as these are the most common debt issues people seek advice about, according to the Citizens Advice Bureau.

The Top 4 debt problems:

1.       Council tax arrears

2.       Credit, store and charge cards

3.       Unsecured personal loans


4.       Gas and electricity bill arrears

Did you know?


The Money Charity recently announced that the average household credit card debt is £2,214.


If you are struggling with your debts, it is important to know which ones you should prioritise. Unsecured creditors such as credit card providers might send you lots of letters and make lots of calls chasing payments but it is usually more important to put the money you do have towards paying priority debts and bills first.


Find out what priority and non-priority debts are..


If you are finding it hard to get out of the cycle of debt on your own, it might be a good idea to seek help and advice from experts. If you fill in the call back form below we can ring you and talk you through your options. You would be under no obligation to use one of our services but it may help you understand what options are available.


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by Kyri Levendi

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