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Can I apply for a notice of disassociation in Scotland?

Posted 15 July 2013

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You can apply for a notice of disassociation in Scotland. However, this will not work if your finances are still joined with the person you want to be disassociated from. Find out how you can apply for a notice of disassociation in Scotland.

You can apply for a notice of disassociation in Scotland.

It involves contacting a credit reference agency and asking them to 'disassociate' you with somebody who shows up on your credit file.

To make sure you are no longer associated with that person, you'll need to have the record removed from all three credit reference agencies (Experian, Equifax and CallCredit).

You can find Experian's 'financial disassociation form' on their website. Disassociation on Equifax involves logging in, clicking on the 'Ask a question' tab and selecting 'Someone else is on my file'. On CallCredit, you can send a notice of disassociation by following the instructions on this page.

Why would I want to 'disassociate' myself from somebody on my credit file?

If you have a financial connection with somebody else, it's likely that they will show up on your credit report. If they have a very poor credit history, there is a chance that lenders will take this into account when considering your own application for credit.

If you think you might have been turned down for credit because of somebody else associated with you on your file, you might want to try and get them removed.

Does it always work?

Your application for disassociation will only work if you don't actually have any financial connection with that person anymore.

So if you've applied for credit with them - for example if you share a joint account or you have a mortgage together - it's unlikely that your application for disassociation will work. You can only ask a credit reference agency to remove information about somebody on your report if you are not financially connected to them in any way.

How can I check whether it's worked?

The credit reference agency you contact should send you a reply regarding your application for disassociation - and whether it has been successful or not. However, if you don't hear from them, you can usually order a copy of your credit report for £2.

by Shelley Bowers

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