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Breaking the debt 'taboo': who should you talk to about your debt issues?

Posted 27 June 2013

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Talking about your debt issues can be hard. We recently did some research and found that it is one of the top 'taboos' when talking to your partner, family or friends.

But talking about your debt problem is the first step towards tackling it. Here are a few tips to help you open up about your debts

Debt is a difficult subject to open up about - even to those closest to you - according to our new research.


In fact, it's one of the top five 'taboos' that people feel like they can't talk about with their family or friends. The top five taboos are:

  • Sexual health and other sexual problems (54%)
  • Emotional issues (40%)
  • General finances (28%)
  • Mental health issues (27%)
  • Debt (24%)

The research suggests people find it easier to talk to their partner than friends and family about all topics, but debt still features in the list of things that partners are unwilling to talk about. Debt comes seventh in this list, with 15% - coming after emotional issues (36%), past relationships (33%), sexual and sexual health problems (25%), mental health problems (22%), general health problems (21%) and finances (19%).


Men are almost twice as likely to not want to talk about their debts with their partner (19%) than women (11%).

Why is talking about debt 'taboo'?

When we asked our respondents why certain topics are conversational 'taboos', they mentioned that some topics are embarrassing (52%), there are things you just 'don't talk about' (36%), it could cause arguments (31%), it shows weakness (26%) and it's upsetting to talk about (19%).

Talking about debt and getting the right help shouldn't be 'taboo'

You may feel that there are certain people in your life that you can't talk about your debt problems to - and that's perfectly reasonable. However, opening up and admitting you're struggling is the first step towards getting the right help and tackling your debts.


One person you can definitely talk to your debts about is a qualified debt adviser. You might think that discussing debt is taboo, but remember - they talk to people who are struggling like you every day.


The professional, friendly advisers at Debt Advisory Centre will listen to your situation and suggest the best way for you to tackle your debts. They're trained to help, and they will never judge you - no matter how bad you think your debt problems are. If they're the first person you tell about your debt issues, it can be a huge weight off your mind knowing that somebody is there for you, and will find a solution that suits your needs.


It's the first step on the road towards tackling and clearing your problem debts - so you can get on with your life without having to worry about those 'taboo' conversations with the ones you love.


All you need to do is fill out the simple debt solution finder form below, and a trained debt professional will call you back for a friendly chat.

by Shelley Bowers

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