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Posted 26 November 2019

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Every year in the UK, people miss out on a staggering amount of money in unclaimed benefits.

Those benefits can be the difference between managing your household budget, and slipping behind with bills and credit card and loan repayments.

We’ve got a fantastic tool that can help to make sure you’re claiming all the benefits you’re entitled to - it only takes around 10 minutes to use. This isn’t something we’d recommend checking while you’re on the go; you should get all the information together you need and carefully go over the questions.


What you’ll need

You’ll need up to date information about:

  • • Your income, including your partner’s (a few up to date wage slips should be fine)
  • • Your current benefits and pension details (including your partner’s)
  • • Your expenditure (such as rent, mortgage, childcare payments)
  • • Any stocks, shares, or savings
  • • Your council tax bill 


Benefit calculator

Our benefits calculator will help you find out what benefits you can claim.

The calculator is free to use, and the details you provide are anonymous.

Before you start, make sure you have information about your savings, income, pensions and existing benefits (for you and your partner).

If you run out of time, you can save your calculation and come back to it later, and pick up right where you left off.

  • Should take 10 minutes to complete
  • Please complete all fields with an asterisk(*)

Retrieve Calculation

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What to do if you’re owed more

If the outcome of your benefits calculation is that you can claim more, what do you do?

Simply click on the ‘how to claim’ link as pictured below. It will explain what to do next.


Are you receiving the full amount and still struggling?

If you’re receiving everything you’re entitled to and still struggling, it might be worth exploring other options. Take a look at some of the debt solutions available in the UK and see if you think they could help.

by Christine Walsh

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