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What if I can’t pay my debts because of coronavirus?

Posted 17 March 2020 by Christine Walsh

Our debt solutions help people deal with their debts over the medium to long term, so they may not be what you need if you're finding it difficult to make repayments in the short term because of coronavirus. Here’s what you can do instead.


New rules on credit card debt: what do they mean for me?

Posted 18 October 2018 by Christine Walsh

Are you in 'persistent credit card debt'? We explain the new rules.

Coping with debt when you’re planning to start a family

Posted 11 October 2018 by Christine Walsh

Are you wondering whether it’s financially feasible to start a family while you still have debts? Read our tips on getting your pre-baby finances in order.

Avoiding Problem Debt from Online Gambling

Posted 27 September 2018 by Christine Walsh

Online gambling can be fun - until it becomes a problem, because of debt, addictions or both.

Struggling with council tax arrears? You're not alone

Posted 12 September 2018 by Christine Walsh

New figures show soaring council tax debt and millions lost from the economy

How Does the Wonga News Affect Me?

Posted 04 September 2018 by Christine Walsh

Wonga has gone into administration. It was the UK’s largest payday lender so this is huge news. It has stopped lending, but what does this mean for Wonga’s many existing customers?

Interest rates look set to rise this year, so how can you protect yourself?

Posted 05 March 2018 by Christine Walsh

With interest rates rising for the first time in over 10 years last November, and experts predicting there could be two more increases this year, will you be able to cope?

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