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8 ways to save money on your beauty buys

Posted 24 April 2016

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Do you love your beauty products but hate the dent they make in your bank balance? We’ll show you 8 of the best ways to save on all things beauty.

What do you reckon you spend on beauty products every month? What about every year? We’re betting the amount would surprise you if you worked it out. 

Sometimes it’s the little things we buy that end up costing us a lot over time. Never fear though - we’re going to give you some pretty nifty tricks to help you save money on your favourite beauty buys. Follow our tips to feel fabulous when you look in the mirror – and at your bank balance.  

1. Make sure your loyalty is rewarded

If you always find yourself in a certain place or buying a certain brand, make sure your loyalty is rewarded. 

The Boots Advantage card is a good option as you don’t have to limit yourself to buying the same brand every time you shop for beauty products. You can buy anything in the store and you’ll get 4 points for every £1 that you spend. One point equals one penny so it’s easy to keep track of where you are. 

Or what about the Superdrug Health and Beautycard? Superdrug wants to reward its frequent shoppers with points, free standard delivery on anything you order online, birthday treats and £1 to spend as you wish with every 100 points that you collect. 

Loyalty cards can be great, but just be aware that you might end up receiving marketing emails when you sign up. It might be worth setting up a separate email account for things like this, if that’s something that would bother you. 

Remember, a loyalty card is not the same as a store card, which allows you to buy things on credit.


2. Buy from wholesalers

Most of us are so used to paying retail prices that we forget how much cheaper the stuff we want can be if we buy wholesale. 

You can get lots of beauty items (as well as loads of other stuff like cleaning and electrical products) at Discount Wholesalers. 

And Costco isn’t just for chicken you know! There’s a huge range of discounted quality brands in its warehouses, including lots of beauty products, so why not see whether you can join?

It’s £25 to join as an individual for the whole year, but you might find that you quickly make that up in savings, especially if you buy in bulk and at a discount. 

3. Recycle containers to get free items 

Do you buy Mac or Lush products? Did you know that if you clean and send back the containers once you’ve used the products, they will reward you with free items?

These brands don’t want you to just throw away a container that would cost them more money to make again. If you’re into MAC, make sure you know how their Back-to-MAC plan works. And if the amazing smelling Lush products are more your thing, find out how those little black pots could get you a free face mask.

Rewarding recycling is such a good idea as it helps the environment as well as your pocket. 

4. Look down

Get into the habit of looking below eye level and you might find that lowering your gaze also lowers the price.

Retailers put the most expensive items at eye level, but you might be able to get the same quality for less if you look lower down the shelf. 

5. Get a discount for damage

When you buy a beauty product or perfume, you do so because you want the product itself – not the packaging. But when the packaging gets damaged it means that retailers can’t display or sell the item at retail price, and that’s where you swoop in to make your saving. 

House of Famuir offers lots of salon-quality equipment, waxing products and skincare at ex-display discount prices. You’ll find the same kind of deals at Fragrance Direct – here’s a key for its discounts so you know what you’re looking for. 

This is great way to get your very favourite brands for less. 

6. Try before you buy

Look out for free samples of the products you love or for products that you’re thinking of buying.

There’s so much quality free stuff out there, try Magic Freebies and Latest free stuff – you might just be surprised at what you can get completely free. 

If you buy anything from the Fragrance Shop online you’ll get two free perfume samples, and don’t forget to ask for free samples in store next time you visit Lush. 

7. Get a great haircut – completely free

If you’re OK with having your hair cut by a trainee hairdresser, you could end up with an amazing cut or colour completely free of charge or for far less than the normal price. 

The L’oreal Academies based in Manchester and London are offering free haircuts performed by trainees under the supervision of an experienced consultant. If you’re based in Manchester, call 0161 834 9594, and to book an appointment at the London school call 0208 7624 292. The Toni and Guy Academy in Manchester also offers cuts from trainees for a fraction of the price, as well as other promotional offers. 

If you’re not in Manchester or London, don’t worry - just search for local beauty and hairdressing schools and see whether you can get a great deal and help someone graduate at the same time. 

8. Coconut oil

We just had to throw this in. Coconut oil is a great beauty buy because you can use it for so many different things, including:

• face moisturiser

• body oil

• make-up remover

• lip balm

• hair mask/leave-in conditioner

• cuticle softener

• substitute for shaving cream

Getting all these products in one is serious value for money! You might even find it replaces some of the pricier items in your bathroom cupboard. Click here to learn why coconut oil is so good for your skin. 

Make sure you check out the rest of our money-saving section for tips on saving cash in all areas of life. Happy saving!

by Christine Walsh

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