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5 tips to make it through a 6-week payday.

Posted 16 December 2015

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Christmas is coming and with it comes a big gap between paydays. Use our guide to help you cope.

Many of us will be paid early for Christmas (at least if you are on a monthly salary): it’s a nice little extra that companies give us to make our festive season go a little more smoothly. And that’s great! But, it also means that you might have to go six weeks until your next payday. It can be a real stretch making sure the money doesn’t run out before the end of the month.  Read on for 10 tips on how you can make it through to your January payday without missing payments on any of your essential or priority bills. 


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Tip 1 – Stick to a budget – If you don’t already do this, make a budget. Even if you do make a budget, make sure the one you prepare for January takes the extra time until payday into account. Budget so that you can see what incomings and outgoings you have and what you’ll have left to spend, once you’ve carried out tip 2  

Tip 2 – Prioritise! - If you’re trying to deal with paying off a variety of debts or expenses, it’s sometimes hard to know which you should focus on first. It’s always important to make sure you keep a roof over your head, so make sure your rent or mortgage is covered first of all. 

You also need to think about any loans secured against your home, as you could have your house repossessed if you don’t keep up these payments. If you have other unsecured debts that you think you might struggle to make payments on this month, speak to your lenders, as they’ll try to make an arrangement with you. It’s definitely better than saying nothing and missing the payment – that’s for sure.  

Tip 3 – Hide your credit card – Don’t be tempted into the January sales by the thought of using your credit card to pay. You’ll only have to find the money next month and, if you can’t, you will just be putting off the inevitable. And don’t use your credit card for bill payments either, unless you know it’s definitely going to be a one-off. Paying the odd bill here and there, when there’s a cash flow problem is fine. However, if you start to struggle on a regular basis, trying to juggle several repayments, using a credit card to plug the gap will probably only make it worse. 

So, put your credit cards away somewhere so you won’t use them, and if you already owe money on them, try to concentrate on paying off at least the minimum repayments before adding anything else to what you owe. 

Tip 4 – Pay in cash – When you go out, don’t take your debit card with you. Instead, just take cash! If you set yourself a budget for the day, and then only take that amount of money with you, you’ll not have the means to get anything else and so will not be able to spend anything more than what you’ve allowed yourself. 

Tip 5 – Sell gifts online – Got some unwanted gifts for Christmas? Why not get them online and sold? You can help declutter your house of things you don’t want or need, give someone else the opportunity of buying something they want at a bargain price and you earn yourself some valuable and much needed cash too. There are lots of places you can sell your stuff, for example eBay, & Amazon.

So, follow our tips and you should be able to stretch your way to through to your January payday. 


by Shelley Bowers

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