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12 tips for getting the best car insurance deals – part 1

Posted 08 July 2015

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Getting the best car insurance deals is easy with our 12 tips to reduce your premium

Car insurance – it can be one of the major expenses out of your pocket each year. And with prices on the rise year-on-year, anything you can do to get your premium down, legally, is a good thing.  So, we’ve got 12 tips for saving on your premium. We’ll give you six this time and six next time – we don’t want to overwhelm you with too much money-saving advice all in one go! 

Tip 1 Don’t assume – what we mean by this is don’t assume that you know what will and what will not make your premium go up or down – you don’t. For example, you would imagine that parking your car on the drive, or at least off the road, would reduce your premium. After all, that’s how it’s always been, hasn’t it? Well, no actually. What you’ll pay is based on a complex calculation, which takes all kinds of things into account, but includes how many thefts there have been in your areas and where those thefts occurred from. If there happen to be more thefts from driveways, than from the road, it will be considered to be a greater risk to park your car on the driveway, so your premium will reflect this.        

Tip 2 Get Secure – Making sure your car is as theft-proof as possible will always reduce your premium. If you can afford it, get a Thatcham rated and approved alarm and immobiliser fitted. If not, you can always invest in a steering wheel lock. 

Tip 3 Add Another Driver – It may seem counter intuitive, but adding another driver, especially if that driver has a better record than you, could reduce your premium. So if you’ve putting off adding your daughter to the policy, because you thought it’d increase the price, think again! This is because the insurer will use the second driver’s details, as well as yours, to assess the risk. And, if they’re a lower risk than you, your premium will come down. This can still be true even if the driver you are adding is younger, with less experienced than you.

Tip 4 Haggle – we Brits don’t like to haggle. More fool us, as we could get discounts if we were just prepared to ask. For example, you may want to stay with your current insurer, but you know you can get a better like-for-like deal with another provider. So, haggle! Tell your current provider that you’d like to stay with them, but only if they match or, even better, beat the deal you’re being offered elsewhere. You might be surprised by what your offered – after all, if you don’t ask, you certainly don’t get!   

Tip 5 Precise about Profession – Different professions are deemed to be a more of a risk than others, again based on the number of claims each makes, combined with other factors. So, make sure you pick a profession from the list that accurately reflects what it is you do, or you could be landing yourself with a more expensive premium for no reason.

Tip 6 Go fully Comprehensive – Another of those weird quirks, that simply does not make logical sense, is that fully comprehensive might be cheaper than third party fire and theft! We know, how can that be?  

Right, we’ve reached tip number six, so that’s it for now. Next time, we’ll give you six more tips that may help you save money on your car insurance premium. 








by Shelley Bowers

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